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“The best way to learn something is to pull up your sleeves and start doing it.”

Progress is a visible proof that man never stopped learning and invading new intellectual boundaries. Intuitive ideas have revolutionized the world and left their impact on every single thing we see around us. Kurukshetra workshops are a perfect confluence of such ideas and the opportunity to get a taste of what’s new hands-on.

Here, ideas turn into reality and fantasies become actuality. The workshops act as a platform for students to learn the craft from some of the most seasoned experts in the field. And these workshops are intended at bridging the gap between students and technology by giving an opportunity to work hands-on with sophisticated technology . They span a variety of domains such as computing, engineering, robotics and have been designed to cater to students from every sphere of learning. If you've got the inquisitiveness to explore new ideasand the passio  todesign and create, then Kurukshetra workshops are right up your alley.