BSEB 12th Math Objective Answer 2020 { Released* } Bihar Board Question Paper

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Bihar Board Math Objective Answer Key 2020:- The Bihar School Examination Board releases the 12th Mathematics Objective Answer pdf after the conclusion of the examination. Massive numbers of students who have appeared for this examination, now are searching their BSEB Inter Objective Answer 2020 for the Maths subject. The exam board has arranged the 12th Board Intermediate Examination for the Mathematics on the 7th of February, (Friday) 2020 at the various centers across the state.  After the exam,  the appeared students are browsing the internet in search of their Bihar Board Inter Maths Objective Question Paper pdf. You are eligible to download your answer sheet from the official link i.e.

BSEB 12th Maths Objective Question With Answer Key Available Here Now Check Below

Bihar Board 12th Math Objective Answer 2020

Bihar School Education Board has conducted the Intermediate Mathematics examination for the Class 12th Board on the 07/02/2020 in the Bihar state. As per the information, more than 14 lacs students have enrolled for the Bihar Board Inter Examination 2020 for the Arts, Science, Commerce and Vocational Courses. The students who have appeared for the maths exam, they are eagerly browsing the internet in search of their Objective Answer Sheet pdf for the BSEB Inter Exam 2020. The officials will be planned to publish the official paper solution pdf along with the answer sheet after the examination was over. So keen students are advised to keep your eyes on this page for the latest updates on the Bihar Board Inter Result 2020 & Marksheet download.


  1. यदि a, b, c समान्तर श्रेणी में हो तो सारणिक….. का मान बताओ

उतर – 0 (शून्य)

  1. /sinx+CosX का समाकलन बताओ

उतर – π/4

  1. का अवकलन होगा

उतर – 4

  1. dx/1+ का समाकलन

उतर – π/12

  1. Z= 3X + 2Y का अधिकतम मान

उतर – 0

  1. यदि A तथा B समान कोटि के सममित आवुय्ह है तो AB-BA एक

उतर – विषम सममित आव्यूह

  1. यदि P(A) =1/2 , P(B)=0 हो तब P(A/B)=?

उतर – परिभाषित नही

  1. tan⁡Xdx का समाकलन

उतर – 1-π/4

  1. यदि a= 2i+j+3k और B= 3i+5j-2k हो तो a*b होगा

उतर – √507

  1. सारणिक का मान होगा

उतर – 1

  1. यदि P(A)=6/11, P(B)=5/11 तो

उतर – 4/11

  1. सदिश 7i-2j+k का मापांक है

उतर – 3√6

  1. आव्यूह A तथा B एक दुसरे के व्युत्क्रम होंगे केवल यदि……………..

उतर – AB=BA=I

  1. Z= 3X + 5Y का न्यूनतम मान

उतर – 0

  1. एक वृत्त की त्रिज्या r=6 cm पर r के सापेक्ष क्षेत्रफल में परिवर्तन की दर है

उतर – 12π

  1. I (j*k)+j.(i*k)+k.(i*j) का मान है

उतर – 3

  1. यदि ……………… हो तो x बराबर है

उतर – +6 और -6 दोनों

  1. y अक्ष की दिक् कोज्याये है

उतर – (0, 1, 0)

  1. e_2^xdx =

उतर – 2(e-1)

  1. cos^(-1)⁡〖cos7π/6〗 का मान बराबर है

उतर – 5π/6

Questions Number Answer

  1. यदि A और B दो घटनाये इस प्रकार है की

उतर – AƇB लेकिन A तथा B बराबर नही है

  1. cot⁡〖-1〗x का अवकलन होगा

उतर – (-) 1/1+x*x

  1. j*j=?

उतर – 0

  1. root of (Xdx) का समाकलन होगा ? (लिमिट 9-4 )

उतर – 38/3

  1. Root of tanX का अवकलन होगा

उतर – 2 रूट ऑफ़ tanX

  1. i*j=

उतर – K

  1. dx/sinX Cos X का समाकलन होगा

उतर – Tanx –cotx+k

  1. x^2 sinX3dx का समाकलन होगा = ?

उतर – (-)1/3cosx3+ K

  1. एक मैट्रिक्स ……… विषम सममित है यदि

उतर – Aij= -1

  1. यदि A कोटि 2 का व्युत्क्र्मीय आव्यूह है तो …………बराबर होगा

उतर – 1/det (A)

  1. tan -1 + tan -1/3 =

उतर – Tan -2

  1. किसी बिंदु पर y=x+1 ……..स्पर्श रेखा है

उतर – (1, 2 )

  1. e^xcotx+logsinx dx का समाकलन होगा

उतर – exlog sinX+ K

  1. यदि A, 3*3 कोटि का व्युत्क्रन्मीय वर्ग आव्यूह है तो adj A = ?

उतर – A*A

  1. समाकलन होगा

उतर – Tanx+logx+k

  1. tanxdx का समाकलन होगा

उतर – Log cosx +k

  1. 3*3 कोटि के ऐसे आव्युहो की कुल कितनी संख्या होगी जिनकी प्रत्येक प्रविष्टी 0 या 1 है

उतर – 512

  1. अवकल समीकरण का समाकलन गुणक है

उतर – 1/X

  1. वक्र y = 2 x*x +3 sin x के x=0 पर अभिलम्ब की प्रवणता है

उतर – -1/3

  1. secx का अवकलन होगा

उतर – Secxtanx

  1. बिंदु (1, 0, 2) का स्थित सदिश है

उतर – i+ 2k

  1. यदि f(x) और g(x) =2x+ 3 हो तो gof (x)=?

उतर – 2x*x+1

43 . a= 3i+2j+k; b= 4i-5j+3k हो तो a.b=?

उतर – 5

  1. समाकलन होगा

उतर – X+k

  1. सारणिक के मान है

उतर – 0

  1. समाकलन होगा

उतर – 1/3 tan (3x+5)+ K

  1. प्रशन का उतर =-sinx ecosx
  2. अवकल समीकरण का समाकलन गुणक है

उतर – etanx

  1. यदि * संक्रिया a*b==3a+4b-2 से परिभाषित हो तो 4*5 है

उतर – 30

  1. अवकल समीकरण की कोटि है

उतर – 2

  1. dx का समाकलन होगा

उतर – x + K

  1. cot (tanx+cotx) का मान होगा

उतर – 0

  1. cosecxdx का समाकलन होगा

उतर – Log tanx/2 + K

  1. log cos ex का अवकलन होगा

उतर – -extan(ex)

  1. किसी सरल रेखा के दिक् अनुपात 1, 3, 5 है तो रेखा की दिक् कोज्याए है

उतर – 1/root35 , 3/root 35, 5/ root 35

  1. tan-1 root 3- cot का मान होगा

उतर – -π/2

  1. मान लीजिये की समुच्य्य N में

उतर – A (6, 8) €R

  1. root of 1- sin2x का समाकलन होगा

उतर – Sinx+ cosx +K

  1. एक वर्ग आव्यूह है यदि

उतर – m=n

BSEB Inter Mathematics Objective Answer Key 2020 Download

According to the BSEB intermediate Exam Schedule 2020, the mathematics examination has successfully conducted across the Bihar State. Appeared students are searching their 12th Mathematics Exam Answer Key for the Bihar Board Examination 2020. Aspirants can find the link of BSEB Inter Maths Answers of 50 MCQ (Multiple Choices Objective) Question Paper. At the bottom of this page, our team provides you the BSEB Official Link to download and access the answer key along with the paper solution code-wise/ set wise. Keen candidates, please bookmark this page. When the official authority will be published question paper, then we will inform you of the same.

Board NameBihar School Education Board
Official Website
CategoryAnswer Key & Question Paper pdf
Subject NameMathematics
Date of Examination7th February 2020
Answer key Release DateFebruary 2020
Timing of Exam09:30 AM to 12:45 PM

Bihar Board Maths Question Paper 2020 Class 12

Bihar Board Class 12 (Intermediate 2nd year) Maths paper has consisted of a total of 100 questions. 12th Maths Exam 2020 for Science stream has been completed now. The aspirants who have appeared for this exam, they are eligible to download their BSEB 12th Question paper pdf for the mathematics examination. With the help of this page, you can access the Set Wise/ Code Wise A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J Objective Answer Key with Question paper pdf. Download other subject answer keys for Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Science, and remaining others.

Download Bihar Board Inter Maths Question Answer Key pdf 2020

How to download BSEB 12th Math Objective Answer 2020

  • First of all, you need to log in the official website of the Bihar School Education Board i.e.
  • On the homepage, find the latest notification regarding the BSEB Inter Answer Sheet
  • Select your appropriate Bihar Board Answer Key Set Wise (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J) Code
  • Click on the “Download Answer Key” link
  • Download and save pdf in a folder to further use.

 Thanks for visit. Candidates, if you have any queries regarding the BSEB 2020 Board Exam, then please leave your message in the given below comment box. Our team will try to assist you as soon as possible.

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